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Auto Spa Monthly Unlimited Car Washes*

Membership saves money and entitles you to treat your car to unlimited car washes

Once a week? Once a day? Wash as often as you like for one low monthly price. Sign up in store today!

unlimited car washes at auto spa

Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Pricing

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Auto Spa Special
Hand Finished

Hand Finished

Hand Finished

Premium Exterior

Deluxe Exterior

Express Exterior

How It Works

Your Monthly Unlimited Spa Membership fee will be charged or debited from your card on the same date as your sign-up each month.  Decide which Spa Plan is right for you and you’re set for great savings.

How to Use Your Monthly Unlimited Spa Membership

  • Just pull up to the attendant
  • Our attendant enters your license plate number
  • Upgrades on Unlimited Wash available
  • You are ready to go! No cards ,cash, or hastle!
  • Membership is per vehicle.
  • Membership is for personal use only.
  • No Commercial Accounts.
  • These programs can not be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Membership fees to be charged automatically to your credit/debit card at the original date of sign-up each month.
  • Membership automatically renews on a monthly basis unless cancelled by customer in writing 30 days prior to billing date.

Terms and Conditions

  • Dave's Auto Spa promises to deliver the agreed upon services as advertised in its marketing material whenever the customer presents the authorized vehicle for washing, provided the account remains current and the carwash is open for business.
  • The customer agrees not to transfer the Unlimited wash sticker from the authorized vehicle.
  • Dave's Auto Spa will give the customer 30 days notice of any Service Fee price change.
  • The customer agrees to give Dave's Auto Spa 30 days notice of termination.
  • The customer agrees to reimburse Dave's Auto Spa for insufficient funds charges.
  • The customer agrees Dave's Auto Spa will not be held responsible in cases where the companies services have closed early or failed to open for any reason.
  • Dave's Auto Spa retains the right to terminate the Monthly Unlimited Spa Membership for any reason and revoke all charge privileges.

*Available only at our Hull Street Road and Robious Road locations

free car wash if it rains the next day
if it rains the next day you get a free car wash