Why You Should Use The Auto Spa Touchless Car Wash

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Why Auto Spa Touchless Car Wash Helps The Environment

  • Cars and trucks that are washed at home use an average of 150+ gallons of water. Our touchless systems wash your car completely and use only 63 gallons.
  • When a car is washed at home the soaps and detergents needed to wash the vehicle, along with the dirt are absorbed in to the ground and pollute the local ground water.
  • Auto Spa’s Touchless Car Washes reclaim the water used for washing. Also, the soaps, polishes and waxes we use are 100% environmentally friendly and reclaimable.
auto spa touchless car wash is good for the environment
hand washing scratches your car

Why Auto Spa Touchless Car Washes are Better Than Washing Your Car at Home

  • When you use a rag, sponge or brush on your car you produce tiny microscopic scratches in the paint. This is due to the fine particles of dirt that get trapped in the cloth, sponge or bristles. Washing at home actually degrades your finish.
  • The scratches made by washing with cloth and sponges can dig into your paint up to 10%. Our touchless wash uses high pressure water to remove dirt before the car is washed. The soaps we use suspend all other dirt and is also rinsed away with high pressure water.
  • Weekly cleaning at Auto Spa Touchless Car Washes will help keep the finish of your car looking it’s best. You will not only be proud of your clean car but you will help keep the resale value of your vehicle up.

What The Auto Spa Touchless Car Wash Works So Well

  • Oscillating Nozzles – These specifically designed zero degree oscillating nozzles create a scrubbing action effect to thorougly clean your vehicles paint. The high pressure water creates friction combined with the back and forth motion of the nozzles attacks the dirt and grime from different angles. This action enables a cleaning power you have never seen from a touch free system!
  • Undercarriage Wash/Rocker Panel – The Undercarriage Wash provides a high pressure blast under the vehicle. The Rocker Panel Sprayers thoroughly clean the wheels, tires, and lower part of the vehicle with controlled efficiency.
  • The Auto Spa Contour System – This System enables any size vehicle to receive the same high quality wash. The auto height adjustment scans and profiles the vehicle to adjust the height. This advanced system automatically adjusts the wash boom to multiple vehicle heights. With the state of the art contour system, the high pressure spray follows the outline of the car, adjusting the wash boom angle and height.
  • Drying Blowers – Finish your wash by almost completely drying your vehicle with our high-powered blowers.The slower you drive through the blower system the dryer you car will be.
high pressure water is better for your car's paint
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